Building unshakeable trust through constant creation.

Since it was founded in 1929 in Toyama, which has a long tradition in pharmaceuticals, Yoshindo has contributed to the field of medicine and human health through the production and sale of a large array of pharmaceutical products.

The company quickly turned it attention to generic pharmaceuticals, which can be greatly effective in keeping constantly rising medical costs under control, and focussed its energies on the research and development, and the production of such medicines. As a result, we have been able to establish an integrated production system that incorporates everything from active pharmaceutical ingredients to their formulations, enabling us to provide pharmaceutical products to the medical community at low cost but even higher quality.

We continue to meet the diverse needs of medical professionals and patients in our capacity as a specialist in generic medicines, winning the solid trust of our customers through the provision of reliable products.

Arising from our hope to make a greater contribution to social wellbeing and our desire to be of service to a greater number of patients, in 2013, we launched the manufacturing and sales of transfusion and dialysis products, which are indispensable to the medical field, thereby adding essential pharmaceuticals to our product range. To ensure that we are in a position to deliver much-needed pharmaceutical products at any time, we worked to diversify our risks by re-structuring our distribution system, thus further securing the stability of our product supply.

Looking ahead to the future of pharmaceutical products, we have also embarked on a number of initiatives in the field of biopharmaceuticals. Contracts to manufacture biopharmaceuticals have enabled us to acquire both production technology and management know-how. Initiatives such as the clinical development of biosimilars, which can be considered the generic version of biopharmaceutical products, or the establishment of a joint research chair with Osaka University, in which we worked towards the innovative medicines of the future 10 or 20 years from now, represent our determination and the challenges that we face in being a company that remains an indispensable part of society well into the future.

With generic pharmaceuticals as the cornerstone of our business, we work towards new technologies of which we can be proud in the upcoming era. Constantly engaging in technological innovation, we grow as a company and make the ongoing fulfilment of people’s hopes and wishes our mission.

At Yoshindo, we act on the firm belief that constant creation builds unshakeable trust in the company.

President Hiroki Kitamura

Chairman of the Board
Kenzo Shimomura
Hiroki Kitamura