1929 Kamejiro Shimomura begins producing over-the-counter medicines in Toyama City, and selling them at pharmacies and drugstores throughout Japan.
1954 Takaharu Shimomura establishes Shimomura Yoshindo in Sanno-machi, Toyama City, and begins the contracted manufacture of medicines.
1962 Shimomura Yoshindo is reorganized and established as a joint-stock company, and relocates to Shinjo-machi, Toyama City.
Takaharu Shimomura assumes presidency of the company.
1967 A new company factory is constructed.
1970 Company name is changed to Yoshindo Inc.
1973 Production of Chlorella and other health foods begins.
1976 Health food manufacturing section is separated from the company and established as Shinwa Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Operations are focused on the contracted manufacture and sale of prescription drugs.
1979 Begins exporting to Taiwan.
1983 Kenzo Shimomura assumes the presidency. Takaharu Shimomura becomes Chairman.
1985 Assists operation of Kenyu Pharmaceuaticals Inc., and strengthens sales.
1986 The Fuchu factory is constructed.
1994 Merges Kenyu Pharmaceuticals Inc.
1995 Capital increased to ¥295,760,000.
1996 New factory in Fuchu-machi completed.
Capital increased to ¥406,960,000.
2003 Land is acquired for factory construction (21,933m2). Total area of company land rises to 31,850m2.
Factory enlarged by 1,988m2. Total floor area rises to 9,888m2.
2004 Merges YIC Inc., a group of pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing companies.
2006 Research laboratory is completed.
2007 The affiliated company Soken Inc. changes their name to Labre Soken, Inc.
2009 Capital is reduced to ¥300,000,000.
2010 Bulk drug factory completed. Operations begin.
2011 Pharmaceutical production factory No. 2 completed. Operations begin.
2013 AY Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. established as a joint venture.
Expands field of business and begins sales of transfusion and dialysis products as well as GE products.
Introduction of new Tokyo office and branch office system.
2014 YL Biologics Ltd. established as a joint venture.
Biosimilar development begins.
Research building No. 2 completed.
2016 Pharmaceutical production factory No. 5 completed.
2016 Kenzo Shimamura, appointed Chairman of the Board. Hiroki Kitamura, appointed President.