Corporate Philosophy

At Yoshindo, we are taking
on the challenge of a new future.

From high-quality generic medicines
to essential drugs for transfusion and dialysis,
and further, to the research and development of biopharmaceuticals.

Over the course of our long history, Yoshindo has made contributions to human health and social wellbeing through the manufacturing and sales of generic pharmaceutical products. We have developed a solid system of research and development, production, and sales that works consistently across all stages, from active pharmaceutical ingredients through to formulation. This has earned the company high levels of trust as a manufacturer of high-quality, low-cost generic medicines.

At present, we are advancing research and development into biopharmaceuticals and essential drugs for transfusion and dialysis. Utilizing our own research and development, we are building new technologies and know-how, with the aim of remaining an irreplaceable pharmaceutical company for Japan moving into the future.

Yoshindo is resolutely challenging itself in the development of new fields that surpass generic pharmaceuticals.