Development Capabilities

The pursuit of research and development integrating
everything from pharmaceutical ingredients
to formulations; after that, to production.
Greater quality assurance, conscious of everything up to
and including the end product, is possible.

Yoshindo’s research and development division operates an integrated, sequential R&D system, from the research and development of pharmaceutical ingredients, to the practical formulation of pharmaceuticals. The R&D division handles everything up to and including the synthesis of high-quality ingredients (created with the eventuality of formulation in mind), formulation planning, scaling up to the level of actual production, and post-production service. Thanks to this, the manufacturing division can concentrate fully on manufacturing, enabling superior performance.

Reliable Ingenuity

Between the R&D and manufacturing divisions, there are active exchanges of information and personnel, laying the groundwork for speedy research and development, and highly efficient production systems. This environment specifically enables us to provide high-quality generic drugs more quickly, and at a lower cost.

Manufacturing high quality products quickly through
an integrated research and development program and by scaling up real production levels

Our processes are devised in test tubes and other apparatuses.
2000L Chemical Reactor