Pharmaceutical Ingredient Production

Pharmaceutical ingredients are the main component of drugs; as such, superior reliability is required. At Yoshindo, we carefully oversee not only the pharmaceutical ingredients we produce ourselves, but also those we import. We are specialists in generic drugs, carrying out an integrated quality assurance system encapsulating everything from the synthesis of pharmaceutical ingredients, to formulation.

Active Ingredient Quality

With the goal of reinforcing reliability and safety,
we have opened our fifth state-of-the-art pharmaceutical ingredient factory.

In order to increase manufacturing capacity and to promote the reinforcement of steady supply, we at Yoshindo have established our 5th chemical manufacturing plant. Full-scale operation began in 2015. It is capable of handling a greater variety of products, and is equipped with a manufacturing system that is capable of producing 50% greater volume.


We have implemented a DCS (Distributed Control System) to allow for automation of operation to increase both efficiency and safety.

High Quality

Each zone has its own independent production line, and facilities are equipped with air conditioners and differential pressure control. Cross contamination is being completely prevented.


In order to prevent dust explosions, our facilities are fully equipped with systems and machines that have anti-electrification functionality.


Reaction Tank
Solvent Flow Meter
Filter Dryer
Conical Dryer
(Distributed Control System Terminal)
Raw Materials Storehouse