Yoshindo’s generic drugs

Yoshindo’s generic drugs guarantee quality,
all the way down to the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

The manufacture of Yoshindo’s generic drugs begins at our factory where we start by making the core of every drug: the active pharmaceutical ingredient. In short, we are able to maintain the high quality standard of our generic drugs as we oversee everything directly from the creation of the key ingredients to the manufacture of the drug itself. Our generic drugs are just as safe and effective as any new drug and have gained the approval of countless doctors. On top of that, they’re sold at affordable prices without skimping on quality. Yoshindo make a point of keeping our production facilities up to date in order to guarantee high quality and top-level safety management. We will continue to strive to be a pharmaceutical company that contributes not just to people’s health, but society as well.

Yoshindo’s Generic Drug Continuous Production System

1. Research and Development

Synthesizing active pharmaceuticals ingredients and reagents

We guarantee top quality throughout the production process.

Our R&D covers the creation of the active pharmaceutical ingredient
all the way up to the manufacture of the drug itself.
R&D also actively share information with our production department.
This is the key to our fast, yet high-quality R&D and production processes.

2. Creation of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Reactions, crystallization and isolation

Our cutting-edge factory adheres to strict health and safety standards.

Our factory employs state-of-the-art pressure differential management
to prevent the entry of unwanted foreign compounds during production.
We also have systems in place to deal with dust explosions.
Productivity has improved greatly thanks to the DCS (Distributed Control System).

3. Formulation

Weighing, palletization, mixing, tableting and testing

We have a high productivity and can adjust to suit all your formulation requirements.

Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities which allow us
to realize a consistent steady level of supply and productivity.
We take mass orders, small lots of multiple products and can match any of your formulation requirements.

4. Packaging

Filling and packaging

Our main goal is to provide a fast and safe automated packaging process.

We have high-quality filling machines, labelers,
laser marking machines and document-checking machines
which are also GSⅠ code compatible.

5. MR

Medicinal Information

We constantly strive to improve people’s health and contribute to society.

Through selling various drugs and providing people with reliable information,
as well as feedback from those directly involved in medicine,
we hope to contribute to people’s health and society.